Assignment: annotated reference list for introduction


Assignment: annotated reference list for introduction


For your research poster, you will do a mini-literature review in the form of an Introduction. 

The purpose of this assignment is to find empirical, peer-reviewed sources that relate to your specific topic. Your assignment is to assemble a list of 6 peer-reviewed journal articles that examine your chosen topic. This must be arranged in an appropriately (APA style) formatted reference section. Review your APA manual for guidance on the proper formatting of references. 

To begin this assignment, think of the topic and research question that you are trying to answer. Examples include, but are not limited to, delinquency, drug use, homicide, sentence length, strain theory, low self-control, deterrence, etc. You must then use the library sources, or google scholar, to find peer-reviewed articles that relate to your topic. Find 6 sources (so that if one or two do not work, you will still have the 4/5 required for the final project) and give a brief (one to three sentence) summary of that article. Do this in an annotated bibliography style, where you list the reference first, and then underneath of the reference, you summarize the information from the article. Your annotation should summarize the goal of the study, the method used, and key findings. 

You must find at least 6 studies that examined something related to your topic for your poster. You should find these articles by searching in the Web of Science, Google Scholar, or similar databases. You do not need to submit copies of the articles. However, to ensure the articles are topical you must have read through all of the articles.

To complete this assignment, you should compile your annotated reference list into one document in Microsoft Word