Exam intercultural communcation | Sociology homework help


Exam intercultural communcation | Sociology homework help

Your second exam will mirror your first. Once again, you need to write two questions and give a 2-page answer to each question. Each question will entail 3 concepts- all from different chapters. The core concept for this exam has to come from chapters 6-12; however, the secondary concepts can be from any chapter in the book. Please remember that, the aim of this exam is to help you think about the concepts in the book and their connection to one another. You need to show that you are both reading the book and critically thinking of the concepts. Therefore, 70% of your grade will depend on referencing the book.

When you use an idea from the book or when you make a statement/an argument that comes from the book, write the page number, where the information is- i.e.: Communication is a cultural phenomenon (p. 4). If you are taking a direct quote from the book, make sure you cite it properly (see APA style for further information). I want to give you freedom to think about the concepts in the book and create your question depending on what you think is significant. That’s why I don’t want to give you specific examples, which may limit your take on the assignment. 

For each question:

Pick a core/primary concept and two secondary concepts, all from different chapters. Your question should center around your core concept. Let’s say your core concept is a tomato. The question shouldn’t be a “yes/no” question (i.e.: are tomatoes red?), and it shouldn’t be a ‘what” question (i.e.: what is a tomato?). Rather, write a question that will allow you to explore the concept (i.e.: explore tomatoes and its uses). A question such as this will let you define the concept but will allow you to go beyond the definition and explore it further. 

In your answer, bring in two additional concepts. Analyze/ discuss how these two concepts are related to/connected to the central concept. For example, you pick apples and bananas as your secondary concepts in your question about tomatoes. You would explain how each one relates to or compares to the central concept (both tomatoes and apples are red and round but there are nutritional differences that makes the tomato different than an apple- bananas may seem very different than a tomato on the first glance, but when we look deeper there are many commonalities). Through these connections, you are exploring your central concept further. Thus, by showing the comparison to the apple and the banana, you’re explaining the qualities of a tomato further.