Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District World Toilet Crisis Discussion


Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District World Toilet Crisis Discussion



Post your 2-3 paragraph response 

Points to consider: how is sanitation a vector of disease ?   What is the role of government in providing infrastructure ? 

When attempting to help people unfamiliar to indoor toilets to change their habit ( avoid open defecation) what behavioral strategies did you notice ? Any cues used  ? Any reinforcements (positive, negative, social )  ? Any punishments ?  What do you think might help solve this widespread problem  ?

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    This was  a  dramatic video, since it’s rare to see such “raw” footage up close. We take a lot for granted here in the US, where we have functioning infrastructure for plumbing. It’s hard to believe that over half the world is subject to these conditions.Applying the TTM model, it seemed like there were many, if not most people in the communities Adam visited who took the situation for granted – they were in the pre-contemplation stage of change. They did not even realize anything was wrong since they grew up  defecating outside. Once the intervention teams came, they got the people to start to think about it – sometimes with “in your face” kinds of strategies. This got their attention and moved them into the Contemplation stage, where they were  thinking  about the issue. The part I liked the best was when the intervention team gave the new  toilet owners public recognition with a  certificate on their door, letting everyone know they took Action. What surprised me the most about all this, was the toileting indoors is a learned behavior, which must be taught and must overcome cultural barriers in areas where that is not common. We all learned so early that we are in the Maintenance phase. I thought it was funny that in India they make some public toilets without roofs so people feel the breeze and feel more comfortable. Seeing the difference in the Indonesian village where sanitation was a  priority, compared with other areas still squalid, was amazing and made me feel that all the effort  was very worthwhile, even if hard. 
  • Web LinkGates Foundation Sanitation Project
    Bill and Melinda Gates are focusing their philanthropy towards better sanitation, including the Reinvent the Toilet Contest. To find out more about what is being done, check out their website.
  • Web LinkToilet Access by Country
    Infographics provides a handy tool to look up % of population that has toilet access.  Check out some Haiti & some African countries vs India, Indonesia and others. 

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