Microsoft project assignment | Information Systems homework help


Microsoft project assignment | Information Systems homework help

Microsoft Project Assignment 1

Complete Project 1-1: Don Funk Scene 1 Production Tasks (pg.34 of your workbook).  

Project 1-1: Don Funk Scene 1 Production Tasks

Using the project schedule, you previously created in this lesson, you will add several tasks and their durations under a summary task.

GET READY. Launch Microsoft Project if it is not already running. OPEN Don Funk Music Video 1-1 from the data files for this lesson.

1. Click the name of task 14, Production complete. Drag your cursor downward so that 5 rows are highlighted, including the row for task 14.

2. On the ribbon, in the Insert group, click Task. 3. Click the blank Task Name field for task 14. Starting in this field, enter the following

tasks and durations:

Task     Duration

Scene 1 

setup   2d 

Scene 1 rehearsal       6h

Scene 1 vocal recording          1d

Scene 1 video shoot    2d

Scene 1 teardown       1d

4. SAVE the project as Don Funk Scene 1 in the solutions folder for this lesson and then CLOSE the file.

LEAVE Project open for the next exercise.

Save your Don Funk Scene 1 project file as YourLastNameYourFirstNameProject1-1 and submit it when done.


Complete Project 2-6: Don Funk Music Video Problems (pg.58 of your workbook). 

Project 2-6: don Funk Music Video Problems

A student who is interning with your company made some updates to the music video project schedule. Unfortunately, he is still learning about Microsoft Project and has entered some information incorrectly. You need to correct the problems with the project schedule before distributing it to your team.

open Don Funk Incorrect 2-6 from the data files for this lesson. 

1. Review the Resource Sheet for this project schedule.

2. Based on what you have learned in this lesson about Resource Types, Maximum Units, and Standard Rates, find the resource errors in this project schedule and make corrections to them. (Hint: There are three resource errors in the project schedule.)

3. Study the last three resources on the sheet. If dry ice is a work resource and bottled water is a cost resource, make corrections to the information given for these resources (estimate the rate if necessary).

4. SAVE the project schedule as Don Funk Corrected and then Close the file. Close Project.

Save your Done Funk Corrected project file as YourLastNameYourFirstNameProject2-6 and submit it when done.