Music due 10/4/2018 8am | English homework help


Music due 10/4/2018 8am | English homework help

1. “One” by Metallica shows a more serious side of heavy metal.  How does the music fit the lyrical content?  What elements of the song show the band’s influences?  Who are they influential to?

2. “Rock Box” by Run-D.M.C. provides an example of the prototype of hardcore rap that was able to crossover to mainstream audiences.  How does the mix of rock guitar and hip hop beats, seen as adversaries at the time, fuse to create their signature sound?  How are they influential to later rap and hip hop artists? 

“Color Me Impressed” by The Replacements is a great example of a song that came out of the Minneapolis indie movement in the mid-1980’s.  How do the band incorporate pop music elements while still maintaining the edge and sound of hardcore?  Is this moving toward a newer merger of styles in the 1990’s?