Policy drafting exercise: internet of things (iot)


Policy drafting exercise: internet of things (iot)

Deadline: 24 Hours from now

Instructions are attached: 

Make sure you read every part of the instructions document. I need every part and every information covered. I would not like to have problems with you when the work is done.

Part of the instructions include:


Here is the complete exercise:

· Part 1 of the paper should describe the future home identifying the types of internet connected devices that you anticipate, the benefits that such connections may offer and the issues and challenges that such connections present.

· Part 2 should provide your recommended policy concerning data collection, sharing, data usage, protection of data collected, etc. Part 2 should also have a Conclusion. In your Conclusion, present what you learned from this exercise and identify specific concerns regarding the Internet of Things (IoT) and the future it portends

I need an ideal, accurate, exhaustive and well informative paper that covers everything stated